3D Orange Degreaser

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3D Orange Degreaser

3D Orange Degreaser™ is an excellent interior, organic cleaner.

This safe, environmentally friendly, biodegradable product contains citrus oil to help remove the toughest stains. It has powerful cleaning abilities.

It has a pleasant citrus scent that does not smell like chemicals.

If some stains are more stubborn allow the solution to penetrate a few seconds longer to emulsify and break apart the dirt.

3D Orange Degreaser is a perfect product for pre-spotting on heavily soiled seats before using 3D Carpet Shampoo

3D Orange Degreaser also has multiple uses around the house

  • fly poo from ceilings
  • dirty handprints, marks and stains off walls

Directions for use :

  • 474ml: Ready-to-use
  • 4L: Mix 10:1
  • For interior use Ideally, apply to a microfibre cloth and use it to clean the surfaces, avoiding spraying too much in one area.
  • On dirtier sections like the centre console or stained seats, spray directly and wait a minute before agitating with a brush.

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