3D Super Duty Degreaser (1.89L/3.78L/22.7L)

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3D Super Duty Degreaser 

3D Super Duty Degreaser offers effective cleaning of heavily soiled surfaces, such as exteriors, engines, floors, equipment, and tools.

  • Super concentrated, fast acting, powerful cleaning degreaser quickly loosens grease, Wheels, tar, bugs, grime and tough dirt.
  • Super easy rinse-off, safe on painted surfaces.
  • Great for workshops & heavy machinery.
  • Mixing ratio 40:1

Directions for use:

Spray the Super Duty Degreaser into the desired surface, allow it to sit for several minutes, then use a pressure washer to remove it.t.

Dilution System: use the small blue pip for optimal strength or the small black pip for extra strength

Hand Dilution: Regular Strength 1.5 pumps to 900ml bottle
                           Extra Strength 2.5 pumps to 900ml bottle

*The pump is not included; it is sold separately. Please refer to part no. C-05 Gallon pump. C-05 will work with both 64 oz (1.89L) mini pails and 1-gallon (3.78L) jugs

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