3D Super Glass Cleaner concentrated 50:1 (1.89L/3.78L)

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3D Super Glass Cleaner 

3D Super Glass Cleaner is an industrial-strength glass cleaner

Non-streaking, fog and smudge resistant

Alcohol-based, ammonia-free formula, safe for tinted windows

Works great on windshields, mirrors, plastic and headlights

Simple 50:1 ratioSuperConcentrated (Dilution Ratio 19ml:980ml)

Directions for use:

Dilute with water then spray a fine mist onto glass/mirrors or directly onto a clean microfiber/glass towel.

Then simply wipe the window or mirror and dry with a clean microfibre or glass towel.

Dilution System: Use a small red pip for regular strength or a small green pip for extra strength.

Hand Pump Dilution: 

  • Regular Strength 1 pump to 900ml bottle (Pumps out 20ml of product per pump).
  • Extra Strength – 2 pumps to 900ml bottle
  • 64 OZ (1.89L) makes roughly 100 Litres of ready-to-use product!

*The pump is not included; it is sold separately. Please refer to part no. C-05 for gallon pumps. C-05 will work with both 64 oz (1.89L) mini pails and 1-gallon (3.78L) jugs.


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