3D Super Pre-Soak pre-wash ph12 (1.89L/3.78L)

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3D Super Pre-Soak ph12

3D Super Pre-Soak is a Super Ultra-Concentrated pre-wash cleaner.

  • 3D’s Super Pre-Soak is exactly as the name states – it’s a spray-on product that instantly goes to work dissolving, loosening, softening, and emulsifying the toughest dirt, traffic film and oily grime off the exterior of vehicles. 
  • This is a pre-treatment for use before the actual wash to ensure heavily soiled and long-time neglected vehicles come out surgically clean.
  • Super cling technology provides a long dwell time.
  • Can be used with a foam Sprayer

What is it?

This is a high pH, strong degreasing pre-soak that you used to super clean the exterior of a vehicle before using a normal car wash soap.

What does it do?

It chemically cleans the exterior of a car by chemically dissolving any dirt, oily road film and any other accumulation of contamination before washing with a normal car wash soap.  It ensures the outside of a vehicle is super clean making this a perfect part of any Prep Wash process before doing paint correction or other paintwork or exterior detailing procedures.

When do you use it?

As the first step in a thorough wash job.

Mixing Ratio:

  • 45:1 – regular strength (Dilution Ratio 21ml:979ml)
  • 40:1 - extra strength (Dilution Ratio 24ml:976ml)

Directions for use : 

Simply spray the Super Pre-Soak onto the area you wish to clean. Leave it for a couple of minutes to agitate with the surface before using a pressure washer to remove it.

Dilution System: use the small green pip for regular strength and the blue pip for extra strength.

Hand Dilution: - Regular Strength  1 pump per 900ml
                          - Extra Strength 1.5 pumps per 900ml

*The pump is not included, it is sold separately. Please refer to part no. C-05 for gallon pumps. C-05 will work with both 64 oz (1.89L) mini pails and 1 gallon (3.78L) jugs.

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