3D Microfibre Towel Kleen (3.78L/18.9L)

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3D Towel Kleen 3.78L

3D Towel Kleen™ is a lemon-scented, powerful, “low foam” laundry machine soap specifically designed to tackle the unique tasks of cleaning towels used in an auto detailing environment. 

  • This special liquid detergent removes all your compounds, polishes, waxes, oils from your fabrics and will not retain residue within the towel fibers.
  • This will ultimately eliminate streaking on windows, paintwork or anywhere else a bare surface is desired and will also extend the towel's life while maintaining its plushness.
  • 100% safe and formulated to be used with all Microfibre, Cotton and even foam and wool.
  • Safe for all surfaces, 3D Towel Kleen will make sure you have the best cleaning results without compromising the quality of your fabrics.
  • Plus, it helps prolong the life of your fabrics and extends the towel's plushness.

Directions for use :
  • Tip ¼ cup into the washing machine with your microfibres, drying towels or cloths to get optimal results.
  • Use low heat when washing.

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