3D Trim Care Protectant 473ml for Faded plastics

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3D Trim Care Protectant

3D Trim Care will take your dull and faded trim, molding, and bumpers to a whole new and unbelievable level of gloss!

- 3D Trim Care dries to the touch, so the surface isn’t left feeling greasy and unappealing. Even if you accidentally get 3D Trim Care on your glass or paint, it wipes up easily and won’t leave any marks behind!

- Right amount of conditioner of Trim Car penetrate deep into the pore of your faded trim and revitalize them!

- When there is too much conditioner in the product, it will not dry completely. When this happens, you end up with trim that feels slicky and greasy to the touch! Luckily, 3D Trim Care dries to the touch, allowing your trim to FEEL as good as it LOOKS!

- After just minutes on the surface, 3D Trim Care will greatly improve the look and feel of your trim, moldings, and bumpers! 3D Trim Care will bring them back to a high, glossy finish that you and others will be able to notice and appreciate!

Directions for use :

  1. Only apply 3D Trim Care to a surface that is cool to the touch and out of direct sunlight.
  2. Clean the area thoroughly prior to application of 3D Trim Care.
  3. Apply small amount of 3D Trim Care onto an applicator (G-26)
  4. Spread 3D Trim Care evenly across the surface until you achieve the desired look.
  5. If the surface is particularly faded, allow the first application to sit for 10 minutes, then apply another layer over-top.

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