3D Wipe Surface Prep Spray (473ml/3.78L)

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Size: 473ml
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3D Wipe 

3D Wipe is an important accessory before applying a Ceramic Coating or wax.

3D Wipe acts as a surface prep spray, designed to remove any potential oils and greases that remain on the surface after detailing.

Before applying a coat of protection, it is important to make sure that the surface is prepped and ready to go.

This means it needs to be free of any oils or grease on the surface that would harm the bonding process. 

Easy Spray on and Wipe off formula

Wipe it down for a prepped surface!

Directions for use:

  • Simply spray onto the surface after finishing your detailing process
  • Use a clean microfibre to wipe I and remove any left-over oils, greases or potential contaminants

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