BIGBOI D-IONIZR Replacement Resin Cartridge


Options: 1 X 20Inch Resin Cartridge
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BIGBOI D-IONIZR Replacement Resin Cartridge 

The deionized cartridge is Specifically designed deionization mix to give MULTI MEG-0HM quality water for car cleaning and rinsing.

The highly purified ion exchange resins will deliver high purity water with a minimum TOC background.

You will receive 12000L of 0PPM or 1440L when used inline with our carbon filter.

Included: 1 x 20inch Deionized Resin cartridge

When to replace it: Recommended to be replaced when your TDS meter reads 15PPM or higher.

    PLEASE NOTE: Cartridge life span can vary from the quoted data subject to your water hardness level. Quoted data is based on 100PPM.

    Suitable for: D-IONIZER1 & D-IONIZER2

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