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Protect your car by making it shiny!

Auto-Balm is a unique product that provides protection and gloss to automotive paintwork, car bodywork, chrome and metal surfaces.

The result of thousands of hours of development and testing, Auto-Balm is a blend of synthesised, complex corrosion inhibiting molecules that lock together tightly, enabling them to remain functional in an ultra-thin, high-gloss film. Auto-Balm seals capillary pores in paintwork and provides an anti-corrosion barrier against stone chips and other damaged sites on vehicle paintwork.

Auto-Balm will also protect and provide shine to chrome, aluminium and alloys. Auto-Balm is not an abrasive polish. If the vehicle’s bodywork is faded or in poor condition, the use of Cleanser-Polish is recommended before application.

68 Mercedes Auto Balm Award winner

A Comparison

Most automotive polishes and waxes are based on natural hard waxes such as carnauba and montan. Synthetic silicones and resins are also widely used, with or without waxes. When these products are buffed to produce the required shine, the ultra-thin films left provide very little protection at all.

Auto-Balm is applied sparingly to vehicle paintwork and after just a few moments buffed to produce a superb liquid-like deep gloss that enhances the appearance and provides outstanding protection both to sound paint and damage sites. Auto-Balm provides unparalleled protection to alloys, chrome and other metal surfaces too. The long-lasting finish will increase the time between polishing and provide far greater levels of protection than traditional polishes.

Here we show how in an ASTM B-117 hot salt spray trial Auto-balm massively outperforms normal waxes and polishes.

Here we show how in an ASTM B-117 hot salt spray trial Auto-balm massively out performs normal waxes and polishes.

Quick Guide

Higher protection than any other wax, polish or sealer.

Produces an exceptional deep gloss finish.

Suitable for all automotive paint finishes plus aluminium, alloys and other metals too.

Fills swirl marks for a crystal clear appearance.

Produces absolutely no dust or powder on buffing.

Prevents corrosion spreading from stone chipped and damaged paint sites.

Auto-Balm’s deep gloss protective shine is achieved with no chemical build-up whatsoever.


  • Auto-Balm 250m
  • Application Pad
  • Large microfibre buffing cloth

How To Use

Auto-Balm should not be used without following these instructions. Thoroughly wash the vehicle with hot soapy water only using salt-free automotive shampoos. Do not use wash and wax products. Dry vehicle using chamois leather or synthetic equivalent.

Auto-Balm is not an abrasive polish, if your paintwork is faded, feels rough or has not been polished for a long period it will be necessary to use Cleanser-Polish and/or Auto-Clay before application. Once prepared in this way regular application of Auto-Balm will maintain a high gloss finish without need for further use of abrasive polishes.

Wet the supplied App Pad under running cold water. Wring the pad out – it should retain a damp feel. Touch the surface of the Auto-Balm paste so that a very small amount of the material is transferred to the pad. Apply to the vehicle keeping the pad flat – the dampness retained in the pad will lubricate the surface and allow the small amount of paste to spread a long way. You should not see droplets of water as you apply Auto-Balm; if you do then the pad is too wet.

Apply sparingly using the applicator pad in circular motion. (If preparation of car to show-standard or swirl mark elimination is required see below note*). If the paint is in marginal condition apply increased amounts of Auto-Balm and increase application pressure using smaller circular motion this will fill the porous surface and improve gloss although there is a point where if the paint does not respond use Cleanser-Polish first.

Work on small areas, ONLY 2 – 3 feet square, at a time, do not work in direct sunlight and apply only to cool panels. Most polishes are laden with abrasive material making them easy to use but wearing to paint films and dusty upon buffing leaving little or no protective film at all. Remember that unlike other polishes Auto-Balm is not simply removed when buffed – applying small amount evenly will enable easy buffing and great results.

After application of Auto-Balm wait for a few moments before buffing to a high uniform shine. It may be noticed on paintwork in poor condition that the wet look created by a buffed Auto-Balm film is not fully uniform – this condition will improve on repeat application as the capillary pores fill with the protective film re-establishing a smooth surface.

Ensure that the polish applicator pad remains clean during application – if required wash it using vehicle shampoo, rinse it thoroughly and squeeze until damp before continuing. A damp pad is not necessary when applying to metals. The buffing cloth should be turned frequently during use.

*Where preparation of the vehicle to the finest possible degree is desired the application of Auto-Balm using light, straight, forward and back technique will eliminate any swirls or microscopic cobweb-like lines. On top panels, use front-to-back hand motions. On side panels, use up-and-down hand motions. This method allows Auto-Balm to fill tiny scratches and improve reflectivity. Heavy rubbing is not necessary. Swirls and cob webbing caused by abrasive polishes and waxes are particularly noticeable on the sides of clean vehicles in direct sunlight – you will be amazed at the elimination of these imperfections by applying Auto-Balm using this technique.


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