P&S Brake Buster Non Acid Foaming Wheel Cleaner

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P&S Brake Buster – Non Acid Foaming Wheel Cleaner 

Safely removes accumulated brake dust, oil, dirt, stains and light corrosion from premium quality wheels without damaging the delicate surface. Brake Buster Wheel Cleaner is a unique cleaning gel that adheres to the wheel surface and penetrates the dirt deposits to clean them away. Brake Buster contains corrosion inhibitors that deposit a thin layer of protection on the wheel to protect from future corrosion

 Features and Benefits:

  • Foaming wheel cleaner
  • Acid-free formulation
  • Effectively removes brake dust
  • Safe on all wheel surfaces
  • Economical to use
  • Also excels as a tyre cleaner
  • Contains corrosion inhibitors  that deposit a thin layer of protection on the wheel to protect from future corrosion
  • Dilution of Brake Buster in spray bottle: For Rubber Tyres we use Brake Buster full strength.  For Rims, we Use 1:1, 3:1 or 5:1 depending on the amount of accumulated dirt.  So I wash weekly my  dilute is 5:1 
  • Dilution in Foam sprayer: We recommend 5:1


  1. Shake the bottle.
  2. You can cover the surface with Brake Buster by spraying it everywhere on the RIM. We recommend that you spray as needed and spread it with a small sponge to cover the entire surface. Evenly cover the surfaces you wish to clean. The product is strong so you don’t have to be wasteful. Just make sure it contacts the entire surface.
  3. Allow the product to dwell for 30 to 60 seconds. (Up to 2 minutes) in the shade. Do not allow it to dry in the sun.
  4. Lightly brush and wash Rims as required.
  5. Note: Can also be diluted at 5:1.. If used weekly you may also dilute 10:1.

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