Wheel Woolies® Round Detail Boar Hair Brush 25mm/32mm Premium Grade Made in USA

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Size: 1.0 inch (25mm)
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Braun Original Woolies® Round Detail Brush 1” 100% Boar Hair, Premium Grade 1inch (25mm)

Made in the USA by the makers of Braun Wheel Woolies®

The Boars Hair Detail Brush is the highest quality detail brush available. It is the perfect tool for interiors, badges, around the fuel cap, lug nuts, behind rear view mirrors, in some engine areas, and virtually any small hard to reach area you can think of. We offer this brush in two sizes. Use one for the interior and the other for exterior. Both feature 100% high grade natural boars hair epoxy set in a custom moulded polypropylene handle.

The 100% boars hair provides peace of mind on all surfaces and the knowledge contaminants will easily rinse free of the brush.

The custom moulded polypropylene handle features a non slip molded grip for function and comfort.

To provide for the highest durability possible the brush is epoxy set into the custom polypro handle.


  • Plastic grills
  • Badges
  • Narrow spoke wheels
  • Engine Areas
  • Interiors uses
  • Car badges
  • Around the fuel cap
  • Wheel lug nuts
  • Behind rear view mirrors
  • Engine compartment

Features and Benefits

  • Non Slip Textured Handle
  • Paint Safe
  • Excellent Agitation Power 
  • Easily Rinses Clean
  • Indestructible Polypropylene Handle
  • Resistant to cleaners
  • Extremely Durable
  • ZERO metal construction: No risk of gouging your finish
  • 100% Recyclable


    • Made in: USA
    • Brush Material: 100% Natural Boars Hair
    • Molded Handle: 100% Polypropylene
    • Epoxy Set Bristles

    Option: Size: 1 inch 25m

    • Total Length:  9 1/2"
    • Brush Diameter: 1" 25mm
    • Bristle Length 2 3/8"

    Option Size: 1.25 inch 32mm

    • Total Length:  9 3/4"
    • Brush Diameter: 1 1/4" 32mm
    • Bristle Length: 2 1/2"



    • Spray the surface with the cleaner of your choice and follow directions applicable to that product
    • Rinse brush often when detailing sensitive surfaces.
    • Rinse surface and blow off or dry with our waffle weave towels 
    • Wash Brush and hang to dry

    Boar Hair is a natural fibre and may shed for the first month of use

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