Car Wash Bucket 20L Large Capacity (Wash/Rinse/Wheels)

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Bucket: Wash 20L
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Car Wash Bucket –20L Lid Not included 

Professional Detailing Shed 20L Bucket is a Large size that is very durable, making it the perfect bucket for any detailer.
It is made of high-density polyethylene, so it will last through years and many washes.

The strong metal handle with plastic grip allows for easy maneuverability.

Wash Bucket accommodates large wash brushes, such as the Boar’s Hair Wash Brush with Telescopic Handle, so you can complete large jobs faster.

Use the two buckets method for a safer washing!

Professionals recommend the two-bucket system to guard against wash-induced swirls. Fill one bucket with soapy water and fill the second bucket with clean water. Each time you need to reload your wash mitt, rinse it in the clean water first (Rinse Bucket).

Then reload the Wash Mitt in the soapy water (Wash Bucket).

This extra step will keep the wash water clean and reduce the amount of dirt you transfer back to the paint.

This heavy duty 20L Wash Bucket gives you plenty of soapy water for large jobs and it makes a handy storage container between washes.

Show off your bucket with the vinyl Sticker with  Wheels, Rinse or Wash.

Fits Grit Guards and also our DirtLock Inserts

Options: Select from the list

  • Wash 20L Bucket
  • Rinse 20LBucket
  • Wheels 20L Bucket
  • Wash 20L Bucket + DirtLock
  • Rinse 20LBucket+ DirtLock
  • Wheels 20L Bucket+ DirtLock

Gamma Seal Lid's available here

Label: High quality Vinyl label that is also laminated in Matte
Label Size: logo 176mm (7 Inch)

Volume:- 20L litres
Dimensions:- 288mm Top  x 256mm Bottom   x 370mm height 
Handle: Metal
Hand Grip:- Plastic Comfort Handle

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