Detail Factory ProGrip Wheel Face Brush

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Detail Factory ProGrip Wheel Face Brush

  • Flagged-Tip bristles prevent scratching
  • Flagged-Tip bristled also improves lathering
  • Flared bristled for better coverage
  • Ergonomic ProGrip handle design

Part of our ProGrip line, featuring a comfortable and ergonomic handle design with rubber overmolding.

The Detail Factory ProGrip Wheel Face Brush is ideal for removing contamination from your wheels without causing damage. Designed for both automotive enthusiasts and professional detailers, this brush offers unmatched precision and performance. Its long, ultra-soft synthetic bristles effectively eliminate dirt, grime, and brake dust while maintaining the delicate integrity of your wheels.

With its ergonomically designed ProGrip handle, you can achieve a comfortable and secure grip for precise cleaning movements, even when wet. The brush can be easily cleaned after use by rinsing it with water and your preferred wheel cleaner. Elevate your wheel cleaning routine with the Detail Factory ProGrip Wheel Face Brush.

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