THE DETAIL GUARDZ Dirt Lock Scrub Wall 180/360 System Attachment

The Detail GuardzSKU: DG-SW180- BLACK-1PACK

Colour: Black
Options: 180 Degrees
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The Detail Guardz Dirt Lock Scrub Wall 180/360 System Attachment

Each kit contains 180 degrees of coverage.

Optional: Snap together another kit for full 360-degree bucket coverage!

The Dirt Lock Scrub Wall attachment is a vertical extension of the Dirt Lock’s pressurized cleaning power.

Simply snap the attachment into your Dirt Lock bucket filter to easily clean your wheel brushes, wash mitts and more without having to sacrifice hardly any bucket space. Simply scrub your wash media on the side of the Scrub Wall. The debris is now behind the scrub wall screen and is pumped and trapped below the filter to provide cleaner, filtered water for reuse. Whether you move your wash media forward, backward, left, right, up or down in the bucket, debris is quickly trapped behind the screen and pumped out of harms way with the Dirt Lock Scrub Wall 180/360 system.


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