Detailing Shed Stainless steel U type C-clamp

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Size: 12mm Clamp
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Stainless Steel U Shape Conduit Clamps with Rubber cushion

 Available sizes

  • 304012 -12mm
  • 304018 -18mm 

Rubber Lined U Type Clamps, are versatile and effective tools for securing various types of cables, conduits, hoses, and other objects. Here are some key features and benefits of Rubber Lined U-Clamps:

  1. Secure Fastening: The design of Rubber Lined U-Clamps allows for easy and secure fastening to a target surface. You can screw them down tightly, ensuring a firm and stable hold.

  2. Versatile Usage: These clamps can be used to secure a wide range of items, including electrical cables, plumbing conduits, hoses in automotive applications, and more. They are suitable for various industries and purposes.                              

  3. Size Variety: This variety makes it easy to choose the right clamp for your specific needs.
  4. Material Durability: These clamps are constructed from stainless steel, a material known for its excellent corrosion resistance and strength. Stainless steel is ideal for applications where exposure to moisture or corrosive elements is a concern, such as marine or outdoor environments.

  5. Rubber Coating: The rubber coating on these clamps provides an extra layer of protection. It helps prevent wear and damage to the cables or hoses held within the clamp. Rubber coatings can also provide some vibration-dampening and noise-reduction benefits.

  6. Safety: By securely holding down cables and hoses, Rubber Lined U-Clamps help prevent tripping hazards and ensure a neat and organized workspace. They also protect cables from abrasion, reducing the risk of damage.

  7. Easy Installation: These clamps are designed for straightforward installation. You can use common hand tools to attach them to various surfaces, making them user-friendly.

  8. Cost-Effective: Rubber Lined U-Clamps offer a cost-effective solution for cable and conduit management. Their durability and longevity make them a cost-efficient choice in the long run.

  9. Customisation: Depending on your specific requirements, you can customize the placement and quantity of these clamps to suit your cable or conduit layout.

In summary, Rubber Lined U-Clamps are reliable, versatile, and corrosion-resistant cable management solutions. They are designed to securely hold down various types of cables, hoses, and conduits while protecting them from wear and damage over time. These clamps are commonly used in construction, automotive, marine, and industrial applications to ensure safety, organization, and efficiency in cable management. The use of stainless steel enhances their durability and resistance to harsh environmental conditions.

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