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Diamond Wheels is Diamond Pro Tech’s unique coating for wheel rims that will protect from all types of dirt, oil, brake dust and chemicals. You can have dazzling wheels all the time!

Diamond Wheels nano diamond coating is resistant to high temperature exposure while providing all the benefits of a paintwork coating. With proper preparation, Diamond Wheels will provide up to 12 months of brake dust and road grime protection and make your wheels always stand out!


  • 12 Months Hydrophobic Protection
  • High Temperature Resistant >1000°C/1832°F
  • Prevents Brake Dust & Road Grime Corrosion
  • Keeps Rims & Brake Calipers Clean and Glossy

Application Tips:-

  • Appropriate for metal surfaces which experience high-heat.
  • As the coating bonds to the surface a haze will appear. This indicates coating is ready to be removed.
  • If the product dries on the surface or is difficult to remove, re-wet the area with more product and immediately buff off.

Directions for Use:-

  • Prepare the wheels by washing, then treat with Diamond Body Prep.
  • Shake Diamond Wheels well for 15 seconds
  • Aapply 15 drops to an applicator.
  • Apply generously and evenly over all parts of the wheel.
  • Wait 3-5 mins and polish off excess with a low-nap microfiber towel.
  • Allow to cure for 1 hour before using the vehicle.

Application Precautions:-

  • Apply in temperatures between 10-30C (50F-90F)
  • Wear protective gloves.
  • Apply in a closed, well ventilated, indoor area with air humidity not exceeding 70%

    Diamond Wheels Installation Instructions

    Diamond Body Prep Installation Instructions

    Download SDS: Diamond Wheels

    Download SDS: Diamond Body Prep


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