THE DETAIL GUARDZ Dirt Lock - Wash Bucket Insert

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The only bucket insert that uses fluid dynamic principles to filter nearly 100% of your wash water!


  • Powered by the pulse of your hand
  • Jet turbine design speeds up debris, rushing it to the bottom of the pail
  • Venturi funnels further speed up & blast debris to the bottom of the pail 
  • Flexible tabs allow flexibility for the perfect fit to nearly any size bucket
  • Freshwater return troughs allow only clean water to pass above 
  • Chemical & crush resistant
  • Automatically cleans your wash mitt and tools when you dunk in the bucket
  • Rinse & re-use 


The Detail Guardz Dirt Lock will help you avoid adding ugly imperfections into your paint during the wash process! Surface imperfections like swirls and fine scratches often come from the washing process, so it is very important to minimize risks whenever possible. When washing your vehicle, you glide your wash mitt across the soapy surface and dunk it into your rinse bucket after each panel. With the Dirt Lock at the bottom of the bucket, you can pulse your hand to help remove dirt and grime from your wash media and help trap it on the bottom of the bucket. The key is in the patented jet turbine design of the Dirt Lock, which helps speed up and push dirt and grime to the bottom of the bucket. The dirt is forced through hundreds of tapered Venturi funnels to the bottom of the bucket and out of harm's way. Only fresh, clean water returns up the side of the dirt lock through the freshwater troughs. Any small particles that made it through the openings hit the tumbler system and are pushed back down to the bottom of the pail. This simply means that clean water is at the top and the dirt and grime are filtered and trapped at the bottom of the bucket!

Detail Guardz has thought of many other unique features that show this company has literally thought of everything! The special seal off curtain edge forms a nice tight bond with the outer edge of the bucket so contaminants cannot escape on the outside edge. Trapping contaminants at the bottom keeps your washing safe and ensuring your paint looks great. It has retractable finger grips so you can easily grab the Dirt Lock placing it in your bucket or removing it. The flexible legs position it perfectly at the bottom of your bucket and lock the unit in place.

The Detail Guardz

ONE Dirt Lock will filter your wash water as you've never seen before. Protect your car and eliminate the main cause of swirl marks on your paintwork!

Made In Canada      


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