DIY Detail Incredible Suds


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DIY Detail Incredible Suds

  • Produces Incredibly Thick and Slick Car Foam Soap
  • Makes Washing Your Vehicle So Much Fun.
  • Perfect for Snow Foam and Bucket Washing Applications
  • Leaves No Streaks or Messy Residue
  • Ph Neutral
  • Made With Advanced Surfactants and Emulsifiers
  • Pleasent Fragrance

If you enjoy foam car wash soap so thick you can’t tell the color of your paint, we have the best soap to wash a car with! DIY Detail Incredible Suds produces incredibly thick and slick car foam soap, making washing your vehicle so much fun. Incredible Suds is the perfect preparation wash for heavy and light-duty car cleaning jobs, leaving no streaks or messy residue. Enjoy your scratch-free washing experience with this specially crafted pH neutral car wash soap.

This Ph-balanced car wash soap is made with advanced surfactants and emulsifiers that are gentle on your paint but tough on dirt and traffic film. No foam cannon? DIY Detail Incredible Suds has you covered with a safe, fun, and great-smelling cleanser for your wash bucket.

Directions for Use:

Hand Washing:

  1. Pre rinse car with pressure washer (recommended) or garden hose to remove larger particles of soil.
  2. Add 60ml-90ml to 7 litres of water in your wash bucket and use water pressure to generate a nice lather of foam.
  3. Using a Wash Pad or Mitt, apply the wash solution to the vehicle and gently wash the car.
  4. Once washed, rinse the car using either a pressure washer (recommended) or a garden hose.
  5. Dry the vehicle with a Microfibre Towel.

Foam Cannon:

  1. Add 30ml to your foam gun/cannon and fill with water.
  2. Adjust soap/water/air mixture to achieve the desired foam consistency.
  3. As a snow foam application, leave to sit on the vehicle for two to three minutes without agitation, before rinsing off and conduction the bucket wash.
  4. in a single step wash process, apply Incredible Suds via the foam cannon and gently wash the car with a Wash Pad or Mitt.
  5. Once washed, rinse the car using either a pressure washer (recommended) or a garden hose.
  6. Dry the vehicle with a Microfibre Towel.

For best results, apply to a cool surface.

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