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DRY ME A RIVER!™ is a premium quality ultra thirsty microfiber drying towels. This is the slightly smaller "Jr." version of our popular full-size drying towel - perfect for quickly and safely drying small and midsize vehicles. Rounded corners and our exclusive ButterSoft 70/30 Microfiber Suede Border for the ultimate softness and protection in a drying towel. The highest quality South Korean AA-Grade microfiber and TRC value pricing combined make this the absolute best waffle-weave drying towel available...ANYWHERE!



  • Size:- 20 x 40 Inches (50cm x 100cm) and 40 cm x 60 cm (16 x 24 Inches)
  • Color:-  Navy Blue,Light Blue
  • Blend:- 70% Polyester / 30% Polyamide Material
  • Weight:- 400 GSM (Grams per Square Meter)
  • Border / Edging:- Black or Blue Satin Edge
  • Material:- 100% Korean Split Microfiber (Waffle Weave)
  • Country of Origin:- South Korea

 Additional Product Details:

  • Lint-Free / Non-Abrasive
  • Premium waffle weave is one of the best options available to quickly and safely dry your entire vehicle 
  • Waffle Weave Pattern is an Excellent Choice for Wiping Windows, Glass and Mirrors…or The Whole Car
  • Extra absorbent – will continue to soak up mass amounts of water even if it’s already damp or wet (up to 10x its weight!)
  • Premium 70/30 blend (polyester/polyamide)
  • Highest Korean Quality Split Microfiber
  • Also Safe To Use On All Electronic Equipment and Screens in cars
  • Extremely Durable – Ability to Withstand Hundreds of Washings
  • Professional detailers advice: “start with towel slightly damp to maximize effectiveness and reduce ‘dry drag'”

      Recommended Uses:

      • Car Drying Towel (Large Areas)HIGHLY RECOMMENDED
      • Car Windows


      • Machine Wash with Mild Liquid Detergent (Free of Dyes, Fragrances, Bleach, and Softeners).
      • Do NOT Tumble Dry and Do NOT Iron.
      • Do NOT Use Any Fabric Softener as this Clogs the Microfibers and Reduces Performance.
      • Do NOT Use Chlorine Bleach. Wash Only with Other Non-Linting Materials (NO Cotton!) to Maintain Proper Dirt-Gripping Properties. 
      • Always wash new microfiber towels prior to first use.
      • Always wash newer black, orange, red and other dark colored towels separately from lighter colored towels to mitigate the risk of dye bleeding.
      • A TRICK that we recommend is putting 1/2 cup to 3/4 a cup of distilled vinegar into the bleach tray on the washer.

        This vinegar will provide more cleaning power, resulting in a softer feel and less stains.


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