DS Clay Mitt Ultimate Fine Grade

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DS Clay Mitt Ultimate Fine Grade

The DS Clay Mitt Ultimate is a high quality Mitt.

It is the second generation of Clay Mitts on the market.

The DS Clay Mitt Ultimate is rubberised mesh coating that is attached to one side of the mitt to remove gloss hindering contaminants to give you the best finish possible.

With little to no effort tree sap, over-spray, tar, stubborn road grime, dirt, industrial fall-out, and so much more will be removed from your paint to fully prep your finish.

The DS Clay Mitt Ultimate does not need to be re-kneaded, like traditional clay bars, and can be used again after dropping on the ground.

Decontaminate your car easier than ever with the DS Clay Mitt Ultimate.

Decontaminating your car is an essential step to having the gloss you’ve always wanted.

Contaminants caused by everyday occurrences (tree sap, rail-dust), actually become embedded in your paint, hindering the gloss. This also prevents your polishes, sealants, Coatings and waxes from properly bonding with the paint, reducing their effectiveness.

Traditionally, we’ve always used clay bars to remove those contaminants, but it’s proved to be a bit of a mess.

You’re always having to re-knead the clay so you can have a clean section, and if you drop the bar, forget it; you’ll have to toss it and buy another. Plus, you can use the DS Clay Mitt Ultimate as part of a wash with a high-lubricity shampoo, or you can use it on its own with a quick detailer acting as a lubricant.

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