Easy Colour Restorer (50ml)

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Easy Colour Restorer (50ml)


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Geist. Easy Colour Restorer is perfect for refreshing the existing original colour, covering scuffs and minor scratches. Bolsters on car seats and other heavily used areas on leather furniture tend to get scuffed, over time and look tired. Friction and abrasion damage causes the top coat or clear coat to wear off and lead to colour loss.

General wear and use let the appearance of a car interior or furniture suite down. Geist. Easy Colour Restorer offers an easy DIY way to quickly restore old, tired leather and vinyl surfaces, and breath new life into leather items. Suitable for use on car interiors, sofas, bags, jackets, shoes and a wide variety of leather items.

  • REFRESH: a high quality product designed to refresh the original colour on worn leather and vinyl.
  • SELF-CROSSLINKING: there is no need to apply a clear coat or top coat.
  • EASY APPLICATION: wipe & dab with a sponge over the leather or vinyl surface. Dry with a hairdryer.
  • CHOICE OF COLOURS: available in 20 standard colours as well as car, furniture and custom colours.
  • SOFT TOUCH: leaves a soft satin finish on the surface ensuring leather feels just like it should!
  • DURABILITY: contains highly elastic synthetic polymers that are self-crosslinking.
  • ODOURLESS: with no solvents, this product is quick and easy to use for private & professional users.
  • SAFE: designed in Germany. Contains no 'PFOA' forever chemicals, no Fluorocarbons, no nanoparticles. 

The Geist. Easy Range is available in:

  • Our 20 standard colours which are the most common and popular found by our customers.
  • Official car interior colours for many makes such as BMW, Porsche, Range Rover and lots more.
  • Official furniture manufacturer colours for Himolla, La-Z-boy and others.
  • RAL colours.
  • Custom colours mixed to a sample.Please contact us by email with your VIN number and model and we can prepare a quote.

Choose from the Easy Range:

  • Easy Colour Restorer in (50ml)
  • Easy Filler.
  • Easy Colour Restorer Kit which includes colour, cleaner, protector and application tools.

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