ETHOS Graphene Matrix Coating PRO V2 10+ YEARS


Size: 30ml V2
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ETHOS Graphene Matrix Coating PRO 10+ YEARS (30/50/100ml)

How to become an ETHOS Certified Installer? Please Email: 

This exclusive membership program is for professional detailers. To become an Ethos Preferred Dealer. Get access to curated products and wholesale pricing designed specifically for the needs of professional detail shops.

Ethos Pro Members  and Certified Installers


  • Minimum 2+ years in business
  • Minimum 1+ years of coating experience
  • Must have a website already marketing coating services (FB/IG only will not suffice)
  • You must operate a full-time detailing business (Not part-time or hobbyist)
  • Installation at a detail facility only (Mobile detailers must have a shop location to perform coating installations)(No home detailing or garage installations)

If you meet these requirements we’d love to have you!

Our Graphene Matrix Coating is a great option to provide 5+ years of protection to your customers' vehicles.

Graphene Matrix Coating PRO

  • Revolutionary Graphene Nanotechnology - An innovative technology applied to paint, PPF, glass, plastics, wheels, Gelcoat and more.
  • Industry Leading 10 Year Guarantee - Provide unmatched long term value for your customers with an industry best 10 Year durability rating from just one easy application.
  • Quick and Easy Installation - No need for IR cure lamps or wet application, Graphene Matrix PRO provides effortless application without compromising coating performance.
  • Reduced Water Spot and Etch Potential - Increase customer satisfaction and prevent come-backs or poor experiences due to water spot or chemical etchings ceramic coatings are prone to.

Revolutionary Technology infused with Graphene

This flexible material is the world’s most advanced and strongest coating. Twice as strong as Kevlar, while being more flexible than Ceramic!

10 Years of Protection

One application creates a durable, permanent bond that provides exceptional long-term protection for 10 years, as shown by in Depth ASTM lab testing.

Hydrophobic Nanotechnology

Incredible hydrophobic properties continuously repel water, dust, dirt, and other contaminants unlike ever before, making washing easier and less frequent.

Enhances Shine and Color

The nanoparticle Graphene layer leaves a stunningly rich, deepened gloss that drastically enhances the look and shine of your vehicle.

 The Most Advanced Nano-technology Infused Coating on the Market

Graphene Matrix PRO creates an extremely durable protective coating with superior strength, flexibility and repellency that enhances and maintains vehicle finishes. A revolutionary coating with cutting edge Graphene technology that creates remarkable shine and protects any vehicle effortlessly.

The Most Advanced Nano-technology Infused Coating on the Market

Revolutionary Technology Infused with Graphene

Graphene Matrix PRO utilizes an innovative Graphene Oxide composite that bonds to form an impenetrable layer of protection. Our unique chemistry makes Graphene Matrix PRO easier to install than ever before. Graphene Matrix PRO does not harden or crystallize like normal ceramics, reducing the risk of potentially irreversible high spots or streaking.



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