Ethos Pro Shine Ceramic Detail Spray (473ml)


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Ethos Pro Shine Ceramic Detail Spray (473ml)

Ethos have taken their fan favorite Detail Spray and bonded it with their innovative ceramic technology to create a product that was easier than ever to use with more performance than ever. PRO Shine Detail Spray is Ethos’s most versatile spray detailer that can be used on any surface to achieve streak free, ultra slick results. Use PRO Shine as a light dust remover between washes, as a clay lube, gloss enhancer or even as a coating topper. It pairs with any type of coating adding ceramic infused protection, slickness and gloss on contact.

PRO Shine Ceramic Detail Spray Features:-

  • Versatile detailing spray & coating topper
  • Ultra Slick, Streak Free Stand Alone Protection
  • Hydrophobic Insta-Bond Technology
  • Enhances any form of wax, sealant or graphene ceramic coating

    Directions for Use:-

    Detail Spray

    Lightly mist detail spray onto the intended surface. Immediately wipe with a clean, dry TRC Eagle Edgeless 350 microfiber towel, repeatedly flipping the towel and buffing until the desired finish is achieved.

    Drying Aid

    After the vehicle has been rinsed and is still wet, lightly mist detail spray into your TRC Premium Blend Drying Towel or onto the intended surface. Wipe residual water and detail spray to a streak-free shine and repeat the process throughout the entire exterior.

    Clay lube

    Spray liberally onto a cool, clean surface. Using light pressure, rub a clay bar or clay mitt over the surface until the finish is slick and smooth to the touch. Dry with a high-quality TRC Premium Blend Drying Towel and protect with a coating or other form of protection.

    For Best Results

    Streaking can occur if the towel or surface becomes oversaturated with the product. Not suited for use on HEAVILY soiled surfaces.

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