ETHOS RESIST Graphene Spray Coating 6+ Month Durability


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ETHOS RESIST Graphene Spray Coating 6 Month Durability

  • Unique Hybrid-Graphene Formula – Combines the best chemistries into one product to provide an effortless application with maximum results.
  • Easy DIY Spray Application – This spray and wipe formula adds 2-in-1 versatility to enhance coatings or achieve up to 6+ months of durable, stand alone protection.
  • Enhanced With Insta-Bond™ – Immediately creates a silky smooth non-stick coating that repels water, dirt, dust on any surface!
  • Stunning, Long Lasting Results –  Incredible candy-like gloss, slickness and water beading that must be seen (and felt) to believe.


The Ethos formulation team have developed a breakthrough graphene + ceramic super sealant that uses their Insta-Bond Technology™ to create a super durable and slick sealant which will give your vehicle long term protection.

Ethos’s proprietary formula pairs their ceramic resins with graphene, creating a super slick, durable topcoat that goes on effortlessly. When you spray Resist on any surface, the coating forms immediately thanks to our Insta-Bond Technology™! The bond created provides truly excellent and lasting results!

Application Instructions

ETHOS RESISTS Directions on Use by DetailingShed

Resist is versatile and can be used in a couple of different ways:

Coating Maintenance – Resist furthers the life expectancy of your coating. If you have a coating that needs a touch-up, Resist works extremely well to fill in those low spots.

Stand-Alone Protection – If you have an uncoated car that you want to protect in an easy and cost-efficient way, Resist provides stand-alone protection for between 6 – 12 months!

Insta-Bond™ Contact Formula

Insta-Bond™ is our proprietary coating technology that instantly produces gloss, slickness, water beading and durability upon contact. You can see this effect at work with each spray of our product. Upon contact with the surface the product immediately disperses and cures. It cures so quickly that even excess product residue beads up and begins to reject itself!

Anyone can achieve incredible results

Long gone are the days of spending hours bending over your car, scrubbing, polishing and waxing away. Resist is the answer! Whether you’re just getting started in detailing or if you’re a professional detailer, anyone can pick up Resist and be shocked by the truly incredible results it provides!



What’s the difference between Resist and Defy?

Resist and Defy are similar in a couple ways but very different products. We designed defy to be used as a versatile all in one, cleaner, detailer and top coating for ongoing maintenance of your vehicle.

Resist is designed with maximum protection, gloss and slickness in mind to be used as a base coating for even easier maintenance. You can pair this with ongoing use of Defy or use Resist as a topper for any ceramic or graphene based coating, spray or wax.

Can Resist be used on top of Coatings?

Yes! In fact we recommend maintaining coatings with Resist to increase the shine, slickness and water beading performance. We created Resist to work synergistically with both Graphene and Ceramic based products to rejuvenate and enhance the coatings performance with each use.

Is Resist Graphene based or Ceramic?

Resist is both! We were able to formulate a water based spray sealant that incorporated all the advantages of both technologies into one product. This means that you get the consistency, strength and durability of ceramic based protection with the additional advantages of Graphene for increased water spotting resistance, longevity and ease of use.

In addition, because it incorporates both technologies this enables one product to be versatile enough to maintain and top both Ceramic Based and Graphene based coatings, sealants and waxes.


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