FEYNLAB® Ceramic V3


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FEYNLAB® Ceramic V3

FEYNLAB CERAMIC v3 is our highest solids version of CERAMIC that forms a lattice structure of silica, silicon-nitride and silicon-carbide. This gives CERAMIC v3 enhanced surface strength, exceptional gloss, UV protection, and chemical resistance.

CERAMIC v3 is an upgrade from v2, providing and easier installation, improved hydrophobics, and an amazing self-cleaning ability to keep your vehicle looking better between washes.

IMPORTANT NOTE: DO NOT use Overcoat v2 with this product. Overcoat v2 will interfere with the superior hydrophobics of Ceramic v3.


The lineage of Ceramic V3 stems back to the early 2000s when John Suerth brought out the first Ceramic Coating for cars. Over two decades of development were poured into this product. This is the king of single layer, high solids ceramic coatings and will not be displaced from its throne for many years. It has the best self-cleaning, depth-of-color, gloss, and is very user friendly. It also has unmatched single layer durability, far outperforming and outlasting many multi-layer systems. To put it simply; there are no other products that can compete with Ceramic V3 in its market segment.


Washing your vehicle takes time and effort. With Ceramic V3, you’ll be getting the latest in self-cleaning ceramic coatings! What allows for this near self-cleaning surface and significant reduction in surface tension is the brilliant balance of nanoscale technology. This nanoscale unevenness leads to an unsupportable foundation for water and other liquids. Consequently, liquids are more apt to roll right off, thereby avoiding the potential for water spotting. Moreover, because the coating forms an intimate bond (covalent in nature) with the paint surface, the film conforms to the peaks and valleys of the surface, sufficiently to give a layer of continuous protection, gloss enhancement, and repulsion of road grime. Welcome to the new revolution!


Ceramic V3 was built from the ground up to offer industry leading water contact angles, meaning HYDROPHOBICS! Ceramic V3 forms a membrane of ceramic polymers that work to prevent road dirt and grime from sticking to the coated surface (when maintained as instructed). With the increased hydrophobics that Ceramic V3 affords, the self-cleaning potential of your vehicle’s exterior is as good as it gets! If pretty water droplets rolling off your vehicle fascinates you – look no further than Ceramic V3!!


With Feynlab’s Ceramic V3’s high film build (thicker coating), the added gloss is industry leading for this market segment. Like a show car with multiple layers of clear coat, this thick coating adds depth to any color while the optical clarity will not mute those beautiful pearls and metallic paints! Not only does CV3 add gloss, but it will protect the factory clearcoat from UV degradation, which causes clearcoat failure, taking that beautiful shine away! Ceramic V3 was built from the ground up to produce that shine that everyone wants that will last for years to come!


  • FEYNLAB® CERAMIC V3 is a thick, durable, and high-solids professional nano-coating with a straight forward application.
  • Certified installers may offer CERAMIC V3 at a competitive market price while equaling or surpassing other brands in terms of durability and performance.
  • A protective, high-solids coating with an easy application was a priority during CERAMIC V3’s development. This innovation quickly distinguishes it from the competition.
  • Impressive properties include excellent heat resistance, brilliant gloss, and industry-leading UV and chemical resistance.
  • FEYNLAB’s® true nanotechnology and bonding chemistry allow for an unparalleled level of protection. The formula penetrates further into the existing paint structure than most available coatings.


  • Higher solid content for greater durability and chemical resistance
  • Easier installation & wipe-off with dwell times up to 10 minutes
  • Increased hydrophobics
  • Amazing self-cleaning ability


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