Geist Dye & Friction Blocker for Leather & Vinyl 500ml

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Geist Dye & Friction Blocker for Leather & Vinyl 500ml

Features and benefits

  • DYE TRANSFER – 'hybrid-polymers' prevent dye/colour transfer and repel loose dye from clothing.
  • ABRASION DAMAGE - Acts as a barrier and reduces the impact caused by friction and abrasion.
  • SOFT TOUCH – elasticity of the protected surface is not changed as no ‘hard’ particles are applied
  • BREATHABILITY – Does not reduce air and water vapour movement through leather finishes.
  • SUPER SAFE – contains no PFOA (forever chemicals harmful to the environment) nor nanoparticles.
  • LIGHT COLOURED SURFACE – protection for light coloured leather as dye transfer shows the most.
  • QUALITY – designed in Germany by a team of people with 30 years developing leather care products
  • NO GLOSS, NO SMELL - Does not add any gloss, leaves no residue and has no smell.

Shields leather car seats, sofas and more from denim transfer & abrasion damage | 500 ml / 16.75 fl.oz

Unfixed dyes from clothing and other materials can easily stain surfaces.

Geist Dye & Friction Blocker offers a strong protection from jeans dye, friction damage and seat-belt discolouration on leather, vinyl, PU and similar elastic surfaces.

This product contains new technology ‘hybrid-polymers’ that prevent dye penetration without the use of forever chemicals or near-nano particles by repelling the loose dye and not allowing adhesion of pigments from other materials.

It does not reduce air and water-vapour movement through leather finishes which means your leather retains its natural touch and feel while getting the protection it needs.

What damages the leather finish or vinyl?

Friction (sharp zippers, studs, rings, buckles), dye transfer from clothing (e.g. jeans), sweat, sand and dust, and very often harsh chemicals that are found in common cleaners (e.g. high pH or solvents).

Why do some textiles discolour surfaces?

Because they often contain ‘unfixed’ dyes and ‘effect pigments’ on their surfaces.

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