GTECHNIQ Rrinse-on ceramic-refill with Garden hose plug
GTECHNIQ Rrinse-on ceramic-refill with Hose connection
GTECHNIQ MARINE RINSE-ON CERAMIC Easy Application 3Month Durability-Touchless Wipeless Sealant-GTECHNIQ-(4 Pack) 500ml with Hose attachment-Detailing Shed
GTECHNIQ Rrinse-on ceramic-refill

GTECHNIQ MARINE RINSE-ON CERAMIC Easy Application 3Month Durability

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  • Water Repelling
  • Hose on protection
  • Coat your boat quickly and easily

Why Use Gtechniq Marine Rinse-On Ceramic?

Gtechniq Rinse-On-Ceramic is the fast and simple way to protect all your boat’s gloss surfaces.

The optically clear, non-yellowing and UV-repellent coating crosslinks to any surface such as gelcoat, topcoat, glass, metal, ceramic or Plexiglass. The product is extremely versatile and can be applied to cool or hot surfaces.

Rinse-On Ceramic can be used at every wash down with a single application lasting up to 3 months.


  • Insert hose attachment, connect hose and then thoroughly rinse down all surfaces.
  • Turn the forward knob to introduce the coating into the water feed. Apply to an area measuring no more than 10ft x 10ft (3m x 3m).
  • Once all surfaces have been fully coated, turn the forward knob back to its original position and rinse down all surfaces thoroughly. When rinsed, dry with a Gtechniq Microfibre Drying Towel.


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