GTECHNIQ MF6 Haze Buster

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GTECHNIQ MF6 Haze Buster

Quick Overview
  • Removes surface haze with ease
  • Ideal final buff cloth for coatings
  • The ultimate microfibre

Product Description

Why Use A Gtechniq MF6 Haze Buster?

This is a specialised and exceptionally high-quality cloth designed to remove hazing that can occur when performing the final buff on our thicker coatings – Crystal Serum Ultra, C0v2 Aero Coat and C2 Liquid Crystal.

Its closed-loop design makes it remove residue more effectively than warp knit cloths. Its sonic cut edge guarantees it will be least likely to induce any marring and its high polyamide content ensures superlative cleaning ability.

Colours may vary.

Option: Available in a 10 Pack, or Single Pack  

Microfibre Care Guide

Simple Steps To Help You Get The Best Results

  • Wash Microfibre products separately from other fabrics to avoid cloth being contaminated with lint
  • Wash at 30C using half the normal amount of bleach-free detergent
  • Do not use fabric softener as this clogs the microfibres reducing their effectiveness
  • If the cloth is very dirty adding half a cup of vinegar to the wash is advisable as it helps to remove product residues from the microfibres
  • Either air dry or machine dry at a low temperature


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