GTECHNIQ SP2 750ml G-Spray Bottle With Heavy Duty Trigger


Size: 750ml
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GTECHNIQ  SP2 750ML G-SPRAY BOTTLE  with heavy duty trigger

Features and Benefits

  • High-quality, reusable spray bottle
  • Holds 750ml of liquid
  • Works great with most Gtechniq liquids
  • Includes high volume pump sprayer

The GTECHNIQ SP2 750ML G-SPRAY BOTTLE is a high quality, reusable and durable spray bottle for all of your Gtechniq items!

With this bottle, you can dilute your favourite concentrated chemical, or simply pour from a larger bottle for easier use during a detail.

The bottle is made of quality plastic and features a heavy duty, high volume pump for decanting and mixing Gtechniq products ready for application.

The bottle holds 750ml of fluid and is printed with a nice red Gtechniq logo.

Grab your SP2 GSpray Bottle.

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