Gyeon Q2M Bathe Essence Concentrated

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Gyeon Q2M Bathe Essence Concentrated

Gyeon Q2M Bathe Essence Shampoo is a super concentrated 1000:1 high quality pH-neutral car wash.

It has good cleaning power to dissolve dirt easily but is gentle and kind enough to not affect coatings or sealants.

Because it is pH-neutral it also ensures that delicate finishes such as nickel / chrome plated or highly polished elements remain pristine.

Bathe Essence has been formulated to be super concentrated, requiring just

5-10ml per wash.

It’s extremely slick, high foaming and provides a superb level of gloss.

Features and Benefits

  • Super concentrated  – Upto 80 buckets (from a 400ml bottle)
  • CONSUMPTION: 5-8ml/car maximum
  • pH neutral formula – ph6
  • Superb gloss levels
  • Super slick and safe
  • High foaming
  • Concentration – 1:2000
  • Revives coatings
  • Pure formula

90% of paint defects occur as a consequence of improper washing. A two-bucket method, a soft glove or an efficient pressure washer can only partly guarantee success.

One of its most crucial constituents is the slickness as a shampoo. It boosts the smooth gliding of the glove over the surface of the paint.

The better the slippery features, the more we are able to minimize the risk of developing new defects on the paint of our vehicle.

Like other items in our range of products, Q2M Bathe Essence is superbly efficient, for it has a highly concentrated formula.

The thick gel is naturally water-soluble, emitting a very pleasant odour, reminiscent of Q2M Cure, as well as producing a long-lasting foam.


Q²M Bathe Essence is the ultimate choice in cleansing of coated cars. With its additional cleaning power, it allows to remove light organic contamination and helps restore the initial hydrophobicity of coating. Completely safe on all finishes and coatings having a neutral ph. TIP: Do not overuse the product. Even as little as 5 ml will dilute to an effective shampoo.

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