Gyeon Q2M Clay Lube Concentrate 500ml

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 Gyeon Q2M Clay Lube 500ml

GYEON Clay Lube helps ensure that you do not inflict marring or scratches while claying your vehicle. Detailing clay pulls any embedded contaminants out of paint, to prevent them from scratching the surface, you’ll need ample lubrication. GYEON Clay Lube creates a slick layer between the clay and the paint that allows the clay to glide over the surface, taking contaminants with it.

Removing embedded contaminants is easy with detailing clay, but without proper lubrication, you’ll end up with scratches, marring, and swirls. All of the grit and grime that the clay bar picks up can easily scratch the surface.

GYEON Clay Lube eliminates the risk of scratching paint while claying your vehicle by adding a layer of lubrication to the surface.

GYEON Clay Lube prevents clay from becoming grabby and jumping over the surface. The concentrated formula is super slick, but can be diluted as far a 1:10 while still providing the lubrication necessary to rid the surface of contamination. GYEON Clay Lube is designed for use with most clay bars and will not harm or degrade the bar itself.

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