Gyeon Q2M Vinyl Cleaner 500mL

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Gyeon Q2M Vinyl Cleaner

GYEON Q2M Vinyl Cleaner is both maintenance and prep product for interior vinyl surfaces and is perfect for regular use.

This light cleaning formula will not discolour or fade any interior panels, but effectively removes dust and lightly dirtied spots for a clean surface.

GYEON Q2M Vinyl Cleaner leaves no residue behind, making the surface perfectly cleaned and prepped for an interior coating!

GYEON Q2M Vinyl Cleaner’s light anti-static properties allow this product to be used every day for a constant interior clean.

Sometimes it seems like you are cleaning your interior surfaces everyday – they just won’t stay clean and dust-free!

The best way to prep that surface before coating or dress? Use GYEON Q2M Vinyl Cleaner before coating or dress?

Best practice and pro-tips from Yves Heylen

Agitate with a brush and let dwell on rubber or exterior trim to enhance the cleaning power.

TIP: Q²M VinylCleaner proves to be a perfect everyday maintenance product for interior trim, leaving a matte and factory fresh look.

Consumption: 100ml/car


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