Koch Chemie Fleckenwasser FW– Stain & Wax Remover (1L/10L)

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Koch Chemie Fleckenwasser FW– Stain & Wax Remover (1L/10L)

Stain & Wax Remover

Koch Chemie Fleckenwasser FW is an organic solvent for removing greasy and organic residues left by cosmetics, oil, ink, paint, paraffin waxes (dewing residues), tar and much more.

Fleckenwasser is safe for use on all solvent-resistant surfaces such as glass, paint, ceramic, metal, textiles. Contains no halogenated hydrocarbons.

Wax Remover:

You can use Koch Chemie Fleckenwasser to remove paraffin waxes, wax residue and strip away paintwork or glass to a clean surface. This is a great step in preparation for applying waxes or sealants after polishing or when you are wanting to do so onto a stripped surface. Fleckenwasser when wiped off thoroughly will not leave residue behind.


 You can also use Koch Chemie Fleckenwasser to remove greasy residues left by cosmetics, oils, ink, paint, tar etc... and can act as a stand alone tar remover too.

Contains no halogenated hydrocarbons. Safe on all solvent-resistant surfaces. Best used when poured down into a spray bottle for use.

  • Decant into a spray bottle, use a dry absorbent cloth to apply to the stains and rub off.
  • Before use always check colour fastness and material compatibility.

Koch Chemie have a wide variety of solvents to remove ink, paint, oil, tar, tree sap, waxes, stains, cosmetics etc. With many of these products being multi-purpose we’re going to take a look at each one and what they’re best suited for. 

Koch Chemie Solvent Chart

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