Koch-Chemie Hand Wax W0.01 Premium Detailing Wax With Carnauba 175ml

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och-Chemie Hand Wax W0.01. Premium Detailing Wax With Carnauba 175ml

Premium wax sealing for a hydrophobic, high-gloss paint surface. Hand Wax W0.01 contains premium carnauba wax which seals and ensures a long-lasting protection of treated surfaces.

The sealing components create a smooth surface with advanced hydrophobicity. The result is a considerably brighter, high-gloss finish. Only a small amount of Hand Wax W0.01 is needed in order for it to be highly effective, making it very economical.

Durability 6months

Areas of Use

Painted surfaces and external plastic components on cars, commercial vehicles, motorcycles etc.

Reccomendation for use

Pre-clean / wash the vehicle thoroughly alkaline (e.g. with Green Star, no sealing shampoos) before polishing and sealing. Pre-treat coarse soiling such as tree resin, rust film, tar, etc. with cleaning clay, tar washing, etc.

Paint preparation for strongly to medium weathered paints. Depending on the condition, machine the paint with sanding polish Heavy Cut (H9.01) or Fine Cut (F6.01) (see product information Heavy Cut H9.01 and Fine Cut F6.01).

Remove residues completely with a professional microfibre cloth.

Wipe all surfaces with a clean professional microfibre cloth soaked with silicone & wax remover with little pressure and wipe with another new professional microfibre cloth with a second hand immediately before drying. This is the only way to completely remove surfactants, drying aids, oils contained in polishes, etc. and avoid cross linking problems with the hand wax. Attention: Silicone & Wax Remover should be diluted 1:4 with water in order to avoid possible matting.

Polish last streaks with another clean professional microfibre cloth without pressure. The varnish should now have a scratch- and hologram-free surface under sunlight or a varnish control sodium vapour lamp. After this step the varnish must not be touched with the palms/fingers (danger of cross-linking disturbances, use gloves). The surface is now perfectly prepared for the hand wax.

To apply, press the supplied sponge lightly into the can and spread the wax evenly over the surface. Allow the wax to flash off and polish with a microfibre cloth. Always work in sections, e.g. complete bonnet and only then the next component.

Vehicle washing: In order to have a high-gloss wax surface for a long time and not to remove it too quickly during cleaning, the vehicle should be carefully washed by hand. For this purpose, a lot of water, soft washing tools and only soft dry cloths should be used to gently dry the surface. Because hard and aggressive washing utensils remove waxes faster and scratch the surface. If washing plants are used, they should be exclusively textile washing plants.


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