Koch-Chemie Sil Silicone Remover, Soluble In Water (5L)

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Koch-Chemie Sil – Silicone Remover, Soluble In Water (5L)

Features & Benefits:

  • Alcohol-based solvent for removing silicone oils, waxes, oils such as polish residues, etc.
  • From all solvent-resistant surfaces. The treated surfaces are optimally prepared for further processing steps Painting, 1K-Nano paint sealing, etc.). Contains no halogenated hydrocarbons.

Areas Of Use:

  • Solvent-resistant paints and plastics, glass, metal, etc.

Recommendations for Use:

  • Depending on the surface apply undiluted or diluted up to a 1:4 and wipe off with a clean and dry cloth.
  • In case of sensitive uni- or single-layer paint or similar sensitive surfaces dilute 1:4 with water to prevent matting.


  • Before using, check colour fastness and material compatibility.


  • This product information can advise you only without obligation. Liability on the part of Koch-Chemie cannot be derived. Please check whether the product is suitable for your application.

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