Koch Chemie Speed Glass Cleaner 750ml

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For Crystal Clear Windows - Koch Chemie SpeedGlassCleaner

Dirty, water-marked or smeary windows detract from the overall appearance of a car, so no detailing kit is complete without a good quality window cleaner.

SpeedGlassCleaner makes fast work of removing fingerprints, water spot marks, insect remains and even remnants of carwash waxes, leaving your windows clean, sparkling and streak-free.

Features & Benefits:

  • Gets to work quickly, even on stubborn marks
  • Removes oils, waxes, rain & water spot marks
  • Leaves glass with a smear-free, streak-free finish

Directions for Use:


  • Spray directly onto the window
  • Buff off with a glass cleaning cloth or a soft microfibre cloth

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