Koch Chemie Super Foam – High Alkaline Pre-Wash (10L)

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The extremely foamy, alkaline active foam with an intense fruity aroma for self-service car wash stations and use in foam guns. Super Foam constitutes an incomparable foam cleaning experience for your vehicle and leaves a long-lasting scent in the cleaning area. Its alkaline pH and highly effective ingredients remove the dirt and ensure a high-quality cleaning performance. The foam encapsulates the dirt and can easily be rinsed off so that the vehicle is cleaned by high pressure which is gentle on the paintwork. VDA-compliant class A: treatment time max. 5 minutes, max. application concentration 1:50.

Areas for use

Self-service car wash, foam guns, etc.

Recommended uses

For a snow foam lance apply 30-40ml per litre.(30-40 ml to 950ml water in foam Canon)

Apply around 30-50 ml/min using the self-service wash station dosing pumps. Using the foam gun, apply a diluted solution of 1:50 – 1:100. VDA-compliant class A: treatment time max. 5 minutes, max. application concentration 1:50.

A General Application Guide.

The below graph is an indicator of what products are best suited as a maintenance pre-wash, depending on the protective products that are on the surface. It’s up to the user to decide on the amount of chemical energy required to safely remove as much contamination as possible. Even though the best course of action is to wash frequently, limiting the amount of chemical energy required, it’s not always achievable, so we’ve also listed what options are suitable for occasional use after longer periods between washes.


Important to note that we recommend taking a holistic approach to the exterior of your vehicle and also preserving sensitive materials that are commonly overlooked such as plastic and rubber trim with the use of Plast Star PSS

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