Lake Country Microfiber Black Finishing Pad 5/6 Inch


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Lake Country Charcoal Microfiber Finishing Pad 

The microfiber polishing pad revolutionizes the microfiber pad world due to its amazing finishing ability.
This pad provides a micromar or haze free finish on all dark colours including black, an industry first.

A special blend of soft material to provide enough cutting power, but a flawless finish.

Soft black foam interface offers a durable yet smooth user experience for the operator and perfect rotation on contoured panels.

The addition of the soft black foam interface also offers a durable, and smooth user experience for the operator - and the perfect rotation on contoured panels. These pads work well in all climates and do not suffer from excess clogging on warmer days.

Features and Benefits

  • High-quality microfiber technology
  • Foam interface for increased durability on DA machines 
  • Removes micro-marring and haze 
  • Produces a flawless finish
  • Fast results
  • Can be used on all paint systems

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