Maxshine Dual Action Clay Pad 5/6 Inch

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Size: 1x 5 Inch Nano Clay Pad
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  • Maxshine Clay Disc removes contaminants and impurities much faster than clay bars, with long-lasting performance that out-competes traditional clay bars.
  • It will achieve the best results when using a dedicated clay lube
  • This product is reusable, not water-soluble, therefore after each use just ring out the water and use it again later!
  • It could easily remove contaminants including paint overspray, water spots, fresh tree sap, rail dust, bird droppings, light oxidation and brake dust.
  • Brilliant material removes contaminants and impurities much faster than clay bars
  • Can be used on Car Paint, Glass and Chrome Surfaces
  • Tested to over 150 uses
  • DA Clay pad is a fast removal of contaminants 


  • Dia:5 inches or 6 inches
  • Thickness: 0.5 inches
  • Style: DA Clay Pad
  • Not to be used directly on dry paint. The surface must be lubricated with a Clay Lube whilst in use.
  • Spray the face of the pad and the actual panel that you're going to be working on. Only work on one panel at a time.
  • Set Polish machine on low speed whilst in use with the Clay pad


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