Maxshine Premium Quality Upholstery Leather Brush

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Premium Quality Upholstery Leather Brush


  • Type: Brush
  • Designed To Clean Thoroughly Without Harming Your Interior Surfaces
  • Material: Wooden Handle+Soft Quality Nature Horse Hair Bristles
  • Size:170x60mm
  • Hair Length: 30mm
  • Made with Durable Premium Quality Nature Horse Hair Bristles

  • For every detailing job

  • Heavy-duty construction materials

  • Nature wooden handle for years of comfortable use

  • Perfect for cleaning seats, upholstery, bags, shoes, and more.

  • Interior Upholstery Brush is packed with thousands of genuine horse hair bristles that gently clean interior, leather seat, vinyl and fabric convertible tops. The soft bristles loosen soil for more effective cleaning.

  • Interior Upholstery Brush has an ergonomic design that is comfortable to use.
  • The long bristles are grouped into thick bundles and permanently adhered to a moulded wooden block. The angle of the block allows you to hold the brush in a position that is most natural when scrubbing.
  • The shape of the brush reduces hand fatigue and gets the job done faster.