Maxshine Microfiber Tear Away Towel Roll 30pcs

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Options: 1x Roll 30cmx 30cm
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Experience the convenience and efficiency of Maxshine Microfiber Tear Away Towel Roll 30pcs, with its easily accessible tear-off sheets, high-quality 260gsm terry microfiber, and waste-free reusability. This versatile solution is perfect for any size cleaning task. Choose the eco-friendly option and ditch traditional towels with Maxshine Microfiber Towel Roll.


  • Easily rip off a clean terry towel whenever you need it
  • Premium microfiber ensures a gentle touch with excellent cleaning performance
  • Reusable towels can be washed just like your other microfiber towels
  • Decide how many towels you need, more efficiently and less waste
  • Perfect alternative to traditional towels or wipes
  • 80/20 Blend
  • SKU:1103030O

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