MAXSHINE Multifunction Bucket Lid Seat with Soft Foam Red or Black

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MAXSHINE Multifunction Bucket Lid Seat with Soft Foam Red or Black

Product Introduction


  • Bucket Lid Seat snaps securely on Maxshine’s buckets and includes a padded top for comfort.
  • Turns any bucket into a comfortable seat, kneeling post, step stool, or storage container.
  • Fits on any 12’’ diameter standard round bucket.
  • Comes with a convenient side rail for hanging detailing accessories.
  • NOTE: Chemicals, Bucket, and other items are shown for visual reference are sold separately.


Stay comfortable while keeping your detailing supplies organized. Maxshine’s Multifunction Bucket Lid Seat is true to its name with the multitude of options this padded lid can provide.

Detailers! Need to be quicker in the detail shop or when on the go with a mobile detail? Need to make a hand car wash or a car seat cleaning more comfortable?

Detailing accessories aid in achieving a full-service car wash and mobile car detail.

All aspects of auto detailing can be made faster and easier with the assistance of MaxShine’s Detailing Accessories.


Technical Specifications

SKU Dimension Material Colour
MSBL01-R 35.2×31.2×3.5cm Hard plastic & Sponge Red
MSBL01-B 35.2×31.2×3.5cm Hard plastic & Sponge Black


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