Maxshine Premium Rolling Detailing Cart

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Material: Painted Steel Cart
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Maxshine Premium Rolling Detailing Cart

Whether you’re washing, claying, polishing, or waxing your ride, the detailing cart makes all steps of the detailing process effortless.

The easy-to-reach polisher holder keeps your polisher conveniently placed wherever you go.

You can’t perform a proper and efficient car detail service without the tools to keep your gear organised.

Have a mobile car detail rig? Wall-mounted storage is compatible in a van as well as a garage. Do auto detailing right with MaxShine’s famous Organizational Tools.


  • Perfect for cleaning your car and using around your house or garage
  • Keep all your tools close by
  • Fully rotating wheels allow you to move around your vehicle easily and comfortably
  •  Makes tasks easier and more convenient


  • Size: 50x80x40cm
  • Material: Steel
  • 3 Shelves 11x40x50cm
  • 4 Spots with rubber seal for hanging Polishers
  • 5 Holes for Detailing Brushes
  • 2 Slots for hanging Spray Bottles
  • 2 Spots for 100ml Coating Bottles
  • 2 Spots for 16oz Chemical Bottles
  • 2 Spots for 32oz Chemical Bottles
  • 1 Rack for Towels
  •  4 Swivel Castors (50mm) with two Brake Castors
  • Material: Painted Iron

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