Maxshine Premium Stainless Nozzle Set

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Maxshine Premium Stainless Nozzle Set


Crafted from stainless steel for exceptional durability and professional-grade performance
Precision-engineered for a perfect fit in your quick-release trigger, eliminating leaks and damage risks

Experience the pinnacle of car washing excellence with our premium Spray Nozzle Set. These exceptional nozzles are constructed from the finest stainless steel, ensuring years of flawless operation under rigorous daily use. The plastic nozzle holder safeguards your vehicle’s bodywork from accidental contact, while the precision-engineered design guarantees a seamless fit in your quick-release trigger. Elevate your car washing experience to new heights and discover the difference that quality makes with our premium spray nozzles.

Technical Specifications

Art.N° Orifice Size Connection Dimensions and Size Material



¼-inch Quick Release Fitting 3.6(L) x 3.6(W) x 7.3(H) cm,


Stainless Steel

Set Includes:
1pc Red Nozzle – 15°
1pc Blue Nozzle – 25°
1pc Orange Nozzle – 40° 

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