Maxshine Shammy PVA Mesh Towel

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Maxshine Shammy PVA Mesh Towel

Maxshine’s Shammy Mesh Towel is the vastly superior alternative to terrycloth towels, with a uniform sponge-like pore structure. Capable of holding water for more than 4 hours, this towel is the perfect sidekick for any detailer looking to dry a vehicle in no time at all. A sponge and towel all in one!


  • High Grade PVA Evaporative Technology
  • Extremely Absorbent and Odor Free
  • Anti-Scratch and No Streaks
  • Easy to Use – Reusable
  • Resistant to Mold, Mildew, and Most Chemicals


  • Remove towel from packaging and soak in cold water before wringing out excess liquid.
  • Machine Washable – Use mild detergent and air dry.


The material will be stiff upon drying, simply re-wet and reuse!


  • Size: 66cmx43cm x0.2cm
  • Colour: Grey
  • Material: PVA


Washing car :

  • Highly absorbent shammy cloth for car
  • Soaks up and retains lots of water
  • Dries the car without scratching

 Personal use:

  • Cooling towel for sports
  • Perfect Breathability
  • Quality Quick-dry Fabric
  • Fast Cooling
  • Strong water absorption and multi-purpose
  • For household cleaning, floor cleaning, glass cleaning, etc.
  • Used for pet cooling and hair drying
  • Used as a towel in bathing, quick-dry wet hair

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