Maxshine Soft Grip Wheel And Body Brush-Long Handle

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Maxshine Soft Grip Wheel And Body Brush-Long Handle

Product Introduction


Soft Grip Tyre & Wheel Cleaning Brush has an extra-long handle for the wheel and body. A comfort moulded handle with over-moulded grip.

The Professional Soft Grip Tyre & Wheel Cleaning Brush is the best wheel well brush made for professional use for scrubbing wheel wells.

This premium detailing scrubbing brush features a soft grip handle, ergonomically designed for comfort while working. The PET+PBT bristles are used to remove dirt and grime from wheel wheels and inner fenders.


  • High Quality & Enhanced Version Tyre Cleaning Brush
  • Maxshine Is Offering The Enhanced Version Tyre Brush Whose Bristles Are Made Of Special High Quality PET&PBT Materials, And The Long Handle Is Designed Ergonomically For Easy Grip And Anti-Slip. Durable And Comfortable, a Great Choice For Cleaning Your Tyre Easily.
  • Stiff, Durable & Chemical Resistant Bristles: Made Of Special High-Quality PET&PBT Materials Which Makes Bristle More Resilient.
  • Can Scrub And Remove Dirt, Grime, And Dust From Rubber Tire Easily Without Scratch.
  • With Unique Bristles Technology, The Bristles Are Ultra-Dense, And Its Hardness Is Moderate That Would Not Be Deformed Easily, Ensures a Long Lifespan.
  • Anti-Slip Design & Ergonomic Grip With Long Handle: Maxshine Tyire Brush Is Designed Ergonomically With a Long Handle, Ensures Easy Grip And Can Save Strength To Clean Every Groove Of Tyres.
  • The Anti-Slip Handle Design Ensures The Smooth Progress Of The Cleaning Process. And The Tail Of The Handle Can Be Hung To Save Space After Use.
  • Maxshine Tyre Brush Is Chemical Resistant.

 Technical Specifications:

Art.N° Size Color Material
7011033A 523.4*72*15 mm Red PP+Black TPE Handle PET+PBT Bristles

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