Maxshine Soft Leather Upholstery Brush bristles
Maxshine Soft Leather Upholstery Brush in case top
Maxshine Soft Leather Upholstery Brush

Maxshine Soft Leather Upholstery Brush

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Quality Upholstery Brush


The ShineMaster Leather Brush scrubs dust, dirt and debris from carpets, floor mats and leather or vinyl upholstery.

  • This gentle scrubbing brush is made with an injection moulded wooden handle and soft horse hair bristles that stand up to years of detailing use.
  • Soft bristles with ergonomic handle transfer powerful scrubbing action into sensitive fabrics and light stains
  • Made with horse hair bristles
  • Perfect for any detailing job
  • Cleaning leather seats, car mats bags, purses, luggage bag, briefcases, boots, upholstery, etc
  • Professionally goes well with all kinds of detailing tools and accessories
  • Easily scrubs and removes light grime, Pet hair, grass, food stains from interior carpets, seats and floor mats



  • Size:120x40x10mm
  • Bristle length:20mm horse hair
  • Wooden Handle horse hair