Maxshine Ultra-Plush Microfiber Wash Mitt

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Maxshine’s Ultra-Plush Microfiber Wash Mitt is our softest wash mitt to date!

The improved design lubricates the surface, so you won’t induce unwanted scratches and swirls into your paint while washing.

Use your favourite shampoo and easily wash any vehicle to remove dirt and road grime with ease!

Ultra-Plush Microfiber/Safe Wash Technology:

  • The ultra-plush wash mitt is extremely plush and soft which makes it the best solution to safely wash your car due to its ability to hold a huge amount of suds.

  • High-Quality Materials/Stronger Fibers: Highest quality microfiber available for conditioning your vehicles paint. The tighter and softer fibres offer more cleaning strength than the competitors.

  • Extremely Safe & Effective: Luxurious plush microfiber that softens your cars paint by safely removing dirt and road grime. Clean hard to reach areas with control and protect your hand from hard edges.

  • Easy Care/Reusable: Machine Washable


  • Fill your wash buckets with water adding your favourite shampoo.
  • Soak your wash mitt in the soapy water, rinse your car off with pressurized water.
  • Gently in a back & forth motion agitate the surface.
  • Rinse your wash mitt and return it to the soap bucket for more suds and lubrication.
  • When the car is clean rinse off the left-over suds and dry it with a quality microfiber cloth.


  • Size: 28cmX19cm
  • Colour: Brown
  • Material: Microfiber
  • Fabric: 650gsm 

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