Maxshine Wool Cutting Pads 3/5/6 Inch

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Size: 3 Inch
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Maxshine Wool Cutting Pad 3/5/6 Inch

Knitted wool pads offered by Maxshine are of 100% wool content, the customized manufacturing technics produces the material in consistent fibre thickness, nap height and density, less linting, ensure the pad is in uniform quality, unlike the variances that can occur with some natural sheepskin pads.

Premium performance on abrasive action and heat- resistance. Working with high-cut wax to aggressively remove scratches and oxidation, reduces the swirls and leaves a gloss finish Style


Technical Specifications

SKU Size Colour Material
MS-2061080R-3 80*(10+8)mm Red 100% Wool
MS-2061125R-5 Φ125*(10+13)mm
MS-2061150R-6 Φ150*(10+13)mm

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