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Remove stubborn tar - FAST!

McKee's 37 Tar Max Tar Remover is a powerful cleaner that quickly and effortlessly dissolves stubborn tar, adhesives, traffic film, grease, and asphalt from your vehicle's exterior surfaces. Formulated using a blend of non-acidic, clear coat safe Super-Solvents, Tar Max Tar Remover forgoes inexpensive high-octane cleaners and instead relies on advanced chemistry.

This non-abrasive, chemical cleaner is a safer, more effective alternative to aggressive-grade clay bars that often scratch or mar the finish when used to remove tar. Remove tar before it becomes a serious issue with McKee's 37 Tar Max Tar Remover!

Walking out to your vehicle and discovering tar on the front bumper and lower rocker panels is an awful way to start your day. Tar, if not removed in a timely manner, can cause permanent damage to your vehicle's painted surfaces. 

McKee's 37 Tar Max Tar Remover is to tar stains as Kryptonite is to Superman! 

Spray, wipe - DONE! Tar doesn't stand a chance against McKee's 37 Tar Max Tar Remover.

ALWAYS HAVE A BOTTLE OF TAR MAX ON THE SHELF! You NEVER know when you might need it. When your vehicle is plagued by tar, be equipped to remove it before permanent damage occurs. 

McKee's 37 Tar Max Tar Remover is inexpensive insurance for preserving your vehicle's thin clear coat finish. Can you guess what's more expensive than a bottle of tar remover? A new paint job!

Don't stop at tar! McKee’s 37 Tar Max Tar Remover is also extremely effective at removing adhesives (ie: debadging your vehicle), traffic film, grease, and asphalt. Keep a bottle on hand for emergencies. You won't regret it!

Tar Max Tar Remover was formulated specifically for automotive applications. Instead of using old-school methods of removing tar, rely on smart chemistry and use Tar Max Tar Remover instead.


  • Apply to a cool surface out of direct sunlight. Spray Tar Max Tar Remover directly onto the surface and a clean microfiber towel.
  • Gently rub over the surface and the tar will dissolve into the microfiber towel.
  • Remove excess cleaner using a second clean, soft microfiber towel.
  • Repeat these steps if the tar remains.
  • Apply your favourite Spray coating or Sealant to protect your car again


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